About Eating Disorders – To dinner or not worth eating?

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Eating Disorders anorexias

Every hour, one person in the world dies from eating disorders. Most of the deaths are due to anorexia. People of any age and physique can suffer from anorexia without knowing it.

Why is anorexia considered a disease? Eating Disorders

When we throw off a little weight – for example, on a very active holiday – we certainly feel suddenly more mobile, our mood becomes better, our clothes are better. We think right away that losing weight improves life. The problem is that for a patient with anorexia nervosa there is no limit to perfection. A person receives reinforcement from the inside because, at the start of weight loss, anorexia nervosa patient feels better, but not worse. And on the other hand, reinforcement from the outside.

And then different, most often subtle immediately, but leading to significant somatic complications, changes begin. The skin becomes dry and flaky due to a decrease in estrogen levels. Osteoporosis develops. The bone density is reduced. Because of this fragility of bones, there is a risk of simply being disabled, just stumbling and breaking your arm. At the same time, one should not forget about mental changes. A woman or girl with anorexia nervosa constantly narrows her social circle. She is not interested in talking with former friends, she is not very easy to communicate with her family – she prefers to spend time on the Internet or in the company of the same losing weight girls like her.

Overweight people can’t get anorexia? Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders fat.

Anorexia nervosa cannot be determined by appearance. Anorexia is not determined by weight. Today, signs of anorexia nervosa are found not only in people with normal weight but also in people with obesity. There was a diagnosis called atypical anorexia.

When the weight can be large or even very large, and there are anorexic signs, how then can they be determined? First of all, it is a painful fixation on what and how much I eat, how much I weigh and how my body looks in the mirror. If a person feels the absolute need to constantly check himself in the mirror, to pull the fat fold – do you know how people who try to understand how much fat they have in their body do? If you constantly and painfully look at your plate and think: “So, can I eat this? But was this good food? Or is it better not? But I want a donut, but can I have a donut? No, I can’t a donut. ”

Eating Disorders cat
meow . . .

If you look at your day, you will find that 70% of the time you think about when you will eat, what you will eat, how much you will eat. And after eating, evaluate what you ate, whether you ate correctly enough. This is not our fault, this is our misfortune. This is a problem that is best understood.

Hunger appears on the diet. How to get rid of it?

You can only get rid of hunger by dying – this is the only guaranteed method of how to stop experiencing it. When our prehistoric ancestors lived in caves and walked in the skins of crocodiles, their main task was to survive. Surviving means providing yourself with enough food. Evolution had a specific task – to select those people who, in a hungry state, were as psychologically as uncomfortable as possible. What for? In order to make them break away from the warm bonfire, leave the cave and go in search of food. If a person in a state of hunger was comfortable, then this person did not survive. This is a natural selection.

Eating Disorders food

Everyone knows that a hungry friend who came home from work must first be fed, and only then pester him with questions about how the day went, or complain about problems and discussions of various kinds. Why? Because at that moment a person is exhausted. His blood sugar is low and irritable. The first thing mom thinks about if the child starts to hysteria: “When was the last time he ate?” If more than a couple of hours have passed, she takes out the life nuts, chocolate bar or banana that the mother of the small child always has in her bag, so that his first thing to feed. In fact, we know why exhaustion and depression are sides by side. Because if you are very hungry and do not break into overeating, I would suspect you have symptoms of anorexia nervosa.

anorexia Eating Disorders

How stress can not convey sweet and fatty yummies?

This is a common question, and it is a problem that a huge number of people face. You probably had to be late for work in the morning and skip breakfast, because there was simply no time to eat. You come to work, a meeting takes place there, then you drink a cup of your favorite coffee, then you start sending emails, talking with colleagues, and then lunch comes. But you don’t want to eat and at the same time think how cool it is!

On the day you skipped breakfast, you eat healthy fish and a green salad for lunch. You feel that you have won, weight loss is already coming, you are cooler every minute. But then you come home, start to eat and cannot stop. And you can’t understand what is happening.

Our body is poorly designed for long-term existence without food. We need constant maintenance of a certain level of blood sugar in order to feel good. The liver is the organ that stores glycogen. And glycogen is a substance that contains glucose, which is released when we need energy. So, our liver is able to store glycogen for about 2.5-3 hours, not more. And this is for all of us: small and large, old and young – an absolutely standard figure. So for three hours, you will experience more and more hunger and periodically surely break down into overeating.

How to protect your child if he is engaged in sports, and the coach constantly tells him not to overeat?

Eating Disorders healthy food

There are several areas of the sport that are statistically significantly related to the development of eating disorders. This is figure skating, rhythmic gymnastics, this is ballet, not directly related to sports, athletic gymnastics. But practically all athletes have a risk of developing eating disorders because, for a large number of sports results, lightness of the skeleton is necessary: ​​for fat mass to be low and muscle mass to be enough. If you find that your child enthusiastically goes to sports, but the trainer begins to give him nutrition recommendations, take the child away from this trainer.

Because it is better my child will be less successful in sports, but alive than a dead Olympic champion. I think that for any parent this is not in doubt. But never give up and give the same advice to your child. Champion to be cool!


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