Hello everyone!

We are Abraham and Isaac – We are students of a medical university. We and our friends, doctors decided that we need to open a website dedicated to medical topics, which will help readers better learn about medicine and health. Medicine is a very complex activity, but it can be explained in simple terms. My friend Isaac and experienced doctors decided to create this site motivating ourselves with the fact that people should learn more about health!

Making a site we will be based on the experience of doctors, our lectures, personal knowledge and everything that we get while studying at a medical university!

Welcome to the Medical Journal!

We welcome you to our website dedicated to medicine, health, treatment methods, and tips! We try to make our website interesting and cognitive for you. For you, we have prepared a large number of articles! Using our material, we try to inspire you and help you! We do best to make our site interesting for every person who is just wondering if you need advice or just information.

If you have questions, criticism, and suggestions, go to contact us.

This site is designed to expand knowledge and understanding of the common things related to medicine and health! No site can replace a professional medical consultation of a specialist, and can not be used to make serious decisions on treatment or diagnosis! Always seek the advice of a qualified professional in all matters relating to your health status and treatment prescribed.