Hypochondriasis – Treatment methods

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Everyone knows people who overly closely monitor their health. They have huge stocks of drugs for any disease, an increased level of anxiety with any symptom noticed, and over-attention to media reports about medical statistics. These are hypochondriacs, now you … Continued

How to Choose a Psychologist?

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How to Choose a Psychologist? The desire to go to a psychologist occurs in a difficult life situation and is given to the majority very difficult. It’s unpleasant and insulting if you are going to turn to a psychologist for … Continued

Teeth Whitening: is it Harmful?

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Teeth are never perfectly white. And many people resort to the whitening procedure either at the dentist or at home. In general, the procedure is safe but provided that you follow the conditions and recommendations of the doctor. Teeth Whitening: … Continued

Why Does Hair Turn Gray?

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Why does hair turn gray? Hair loses coloring pigment as a result of severe psychological shocks, chronic stress, health problems due to alcohol abuse, taking certain medications, after surgical anesthesia. Irregularities in the functioning of internal organs, for example, thyroid … Continued