Burns on the skin: how to treat and mistakes

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Burns are a common skin lesion that is accompanied by discomfort and certain risks. In particular, improper treatment of burns can result in infection and even gangrene. Most often, thermal burns occur in everyday life. Such skin lesions result from … Continued

What to do to get sick less often?

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What to do to get sick less often? With a common cold, parents of young patients meet 10-12 times a year. Meanwhile, the common cold is a viral infection. Rhinovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus and more than 300 types of viruses. What … Continued

Why is Chills and what to do with it?

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Why is Chills? Chills are a physiological reaction of an organism to a spasm of superficial blood vessels. Most often, small tremors are caused by cold. In itself, chills can be a symptom of a huge number of diseases, including … Continued

7 Myths About Dentistry

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Popular Myths About Dentistry! – In dentistry, as in any other field of medicine, there are many myths. Despite the fact that science has stepped far forward, many patients continue to believe in them and are mistaken. Debunking the most … Continued

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Health

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To improve your health, you must follow 5 simple, and most importantly useful tips. Follow and you will understand how easy it is to be healthy and happy Train your self-awareness Self-awareness is the ability to recognize and understand your … Continued

Photoaging of the Skin: what is it?

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Photoaging of the Skin: what is it? Take care of your skin from a young age. This is how you can rephrase the famous proverb about honor because you also need to think about youthful skin long before the first … Continued

Gum Disease Types and how to treat them?

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Thinking about a beautiful and healthy smile, most people represent, first of all, snow-white and even teeth, but forget about the gums, which play an important role both aesthetically and functionally. It is worth considering the health of the gums, … Continued