How do Cockroaches in the House Affect Health?

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Cockroaches in a house or apartment are not the most pleasant pet, agree? But perhaps you did not know that cockroaches can harm not only your emotions but also your physical health.

Do cockroaches bite? Cockroaches in the House

Cockroaches in the House

Here’s the good news: cockroaches cannot bite humans or pets. Firstly, they have no reason for this. Secondly, even if a single cockroach got very angry with you, it would not work, because biting through human skin is not an easy task.

But the bad news: all this does not mean that cockroaches do not threaten us with anything. Because the list of potential dangers that these insects carry is actually quite large.

How do cockroaches threaten human health?

  • There are a lot of germs in the intestines and digestive system of cockroaches. With their germs, cockroaches will sooner or later defecate in your home. As is the case with the human microbiome, some organisms will be safe, while others will not. Although so far not a single outbreak has been associated exclusively with cockroaches, it is known that insects carry Salmonella and poliovirus.
  • Another serious problem with cockroaches is that cockroaches live in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where they have enough water. And when you are about to poison them, a cockroach can go over its toxic paws on dishes or even food.
  • Finally, cockroaches produce a ton of allergens, many of which affect humans. And the more often you are exposed to these allergens, the higher the risk of an asthmatic reaction.


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