How to Sit at a Computer and Laptop so that Your Back does not Hurt?

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A personal computer and laptop have become a truly important part of the everyday life of most modern people. Work and study, entertainment and communication – all this can provide a single device, for which we spend many hours daily. How to sit at a computer and laptop so that your back does not hurt?

How to sit at a computer

How to Sit at a Computer?

Incorrect landing at the computer is 75% to blame for fatigue and the occurrence of pain in muscles and joints. At 25% – non-compliance with work and rest. How to sit at a computer and laptop?

Proper fit begins with the right furniture. Ideally, you need a computer desk and a height-adjustable chair with a deflectable back. The reason for acquiring a computer desk is the optimal arrangement of equipment, and a good office chair is necessary to comply with the “90 ° rule”

How to sit at a computer and laptop

This means that the bend angle of your elbows, hips, and knees should be 90 ° or more. In this case, the legs from the knee to the foot and the arms from the shoulder to the elbow should be perpendicular to the floor. And the legs from the hip to the knee and the hands from the hand to the elbow are parallel to it.

With a proper fit, it is necessary to stand on the floor with the whole foot, if the ratio of the height of the table and chair does not allow this, then a stand is needed under the feet. It is not recommended to cross and cross legs. Such postures impair blood circulation and can cause discomfort in the form of numbness of the limbs.

Sitting at the computer you can’t hunch over, throw your head back or tilt it forward. You need to take a relaxed and comfortable posture, leaning back in a chair or chair so that the monitor screen is at arm’s length.

It is worth paying attention to lighting. Any bright light source should be at an angle of 90 ° relative to the center of the monitor screen. This will avoid glare on it. Otherwise, the lighting will either shine directly in the eyes or create visual interference in the form of glare. This will lead to quick visual fatigue. If the computer or light source cannot be moved, it is worth using an anti-glare filter.

Sit at a Computer

To create the most comfortable conditions for productive work at the computer, you can and should use auxiliary tools. These include:

  • Computer glasses;
  • anti-glare filter for the monitor screen;
  • height-adjustable keyboard stand with palm rest;
  • mouse pad with brush support and other useful things that will make your pastime with your PC as comfortable and safe as possible.

How to Work with a Laptop?

The main advantage of laptops is that they can be used in any environment. But this is the main thing in their cunning because such freedom can cause a violation of the rules described above.

Being on the road, you physically cannot provide yourself with all the necessary conditions for work. But if you are at your workplace in the office or at home – do not forget about the main principle: for owners of laptops, all the described rules for using a computer are relevant.

Of course, in this case, it is harder to equip the workplace in such a way as to follow all these instructions. But then assistive devices come to the rescue – a height-adjustable stand for a laptop. As well as an external keyboard and mouse with additional accessories in the form of stands and rugs.

Otherwise, the requirements for arranging a computer corner for the laptop owner remain the same: an ergonomic table, a high-quality chair, and proper lighting. Together with a proper fit, they will provide comfort and efficient operation.

How to sit at a computer and laptop? It is also recommended to regularly pause between working at a computer and a laptop. Every 30 minutes of work you need to rest your eyes. And every 60-120 minutes, you should do a little warm-up for the tired muscles of the hands, neck, and back.

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