Why Hands Tremble: the Main Reasons

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Hand shake can tell about serious illnesses and can be a common occurrence. Find out in what cases this should alert. Physiological tremor. This is the norm. It happens to all people who have more, who have less, said neurologist … Continued

The Most Important Discoveries in Medicine 2019

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The Most Important Discoveries in Medicine 2019. Over the past 200 years, human life expectancy has more than doubled. Significant merit in this medicine. It is the development of medicine that makes it possible to treat complex diseases. At one … Continued

How to Treat Flu and Common Colds

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Sick is unpleasant, expensive and always at the wrong time. But, if everything is done correctly, complications can be avoided, less money spent, and much faster. How to do this – read our material. How to Treat Flu and Common … Continued

Liver Recovery After the Holidays

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Christmas and New Year holidays are coming to an end and leave behind not only pleasant memories of time with friends and family but also extra pounds and problems with the liver. Tips on how to recover quickly. Liver Recovery … Continued

The Main Types of Headaches and Treatment

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The World Health Organization claims: 50 to 75% of the world’s adult population suffers from headaches. Many do not pay attention to pain. Headache can be severe, dull, throbbing, aching, and the like. Pain has different causes and consequences, so … Continued

Why are the Gums Bleeding?

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The factors that cause this problem can be found both in the oral cavity and in systemic diseases of the whole organism. The teeth only seem strong, and the gums – reliable. In fact, they have quite a few enemies, … Continued